Mr Matija Krkovic MD PhD

Matija Krkovic is a senior Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma surgeon working at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  After completing higher specialist training in General and Orthopaedic Trauma surgery in 2001, Matija has undertaken several sub-specialist fellowships in Germany and Switzerland learning from world-leading surgeons. Thereafter, Matija completed his PhD at the University Medical Centre of Ljubljana in 2006 investigating ‘Electrophysiological monitoring of the ulnar nerve during osteosynthesis of distal humerus fractures’.

Matija has been working as a Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeon in the NHS since 2007, most recently at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, which is part of Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He is actively involved in research within Orthopaedics, and is responsible for training the next generation of surgeons.

His expertise is in treating patients who have experienced trauma to the lower extremities, in particular:

  • Osseointegration after limb amputation
  • Complex orthopaedic injuries
  • Post-traumatic complications in the lower leg
  • Limb and joint reconstructions
  • Knee replacement (knee arthroplasty)

Having treated thousands of patients who have experienced limb trauma he is a globally recognised expert within the field. He has been involved in developing new surgical techniques in treating patients with infected wounds. One technique in particular has been audited by leading institutions and found to have a 100% success rate - the results of the study has been published in the Annals of Royal College of Surgeons in England (2013).

Alongside clinical work, he works closely with Personal and Catastrophic injury and Negligence solicitors to prepare medico-legal and negligence reports.

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Ian Hutchison - Superbike Champion

"He did amazing work first time round. He didn't just say 'go home and rest', he really took the time to understand my sport and my training regime, to get me back to work"
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Patient Reviews

Written by a patient at Nuffield Hospital Cambridge

3rd April 2020

Mr Krkovic was a very understanding consultant, very thorough with his consultation and explained the procedure, was happy to answer all my questions and put me at ease, would definitely recommend Mr Krkovic as a surgeon, he accommodates the patients needs and nothing is too much trouble

Written by a patient at Nuffield Hospital Cambridge

30th March 2020

On the last day of May 2019 I tumbled backwards down a steep flight of stairs badly smashing my lower right leg and ankle. I was introduced to Mr Krkovic at Addenbrookes Hospital just before I was transferred to the Nuffled Hospital where he operated on me to fix a TSF frame. Throughout the subsequent nine months my wife and I saw Mr Krkovic a number of times and found him very easy to talk to, helpful, and caring He encouraged me throughout my convalescence and when the frame was removed he gave me the confidence to get mobile once more. I am still using a stick some of the time, but he tells me I will continue to improve and I have every faith in his judgement. What he did for me was truly amazing and I will forever be grateful to him.

Written by a patient at Addenbrooke's Hospital

26th March 2020

I had a serious accident at the isle of man TT in 2015 and had a lisfranc fracture of the foot, Tibia, Fibula and humorous all smashed along with a head injury. I attended a doctor in Belfast for the following 2 years and had my injuries fixed apart from my Tibia and Fibula. It was at that point I contacted Mr Krkovic and arranged to see him. I had to have several operations with him due to the complexity of the breaks and because I had infections but on 12th June 2019 I eventually got the cage removed and have never looked back. Little over a year ago I was asking him to amputate my leg and thankfully down to him talking me round now I'm beginning to be able to run again. I really can not speak highly enough of MrKrkovic and how he dealt with me. HE IS THE BEST!!!!!

Written by a patient at Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital

22nd March 2020

This doctor was very kind and helpful. He took responsibility when there were difficulties. He gave the impression that time was not limited and showed a candid approach, combined with a reminder of the likely positive outcome. He also employs a most efficient and helpful secretary who has a human touch.

Written by a patient at Addenbrooke's Hospital

10th March 2020

Mr Krkovic took on my case of serious multiple smashed and compound breaks of tibia and fibula when I was told it had to be removed, after some incredible surgery he managed to save my leg and not only save it but I got back to the peak of my motorcycle racing sport. After another serious injury to my ankle and femur Mr Krkovic yet again saved my leg. He gave care above and beyond any expectations and kept me informed with all procedures.

Written by a patient at Addenbrooke's Hospital

7nd March 2020

Mr Krkovic is a very talented surgeon. He is naturally approachable always taking the time to explain everything, the good, bad and the ugly. He demonstrates genuine concern with both myself as the patient and my wife. I am certain that without Mr Krkovic's expertise my outcome would have been very different and cannot thank him enough. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing his skills.