March 17, 2020

Part 2 - 31 July 2015

Written by Matija Krkovic

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Certain progress has been made. Distal tibia corticotomy has been done and lengthening started using Ilizarov apparatus. So far we reached around one cm of length with already visible regenerate. Also proximal fracture (non-union) has been disimpacted using TSF, lengthened and positioned (aligned) in preparation of docking of the proximal into medullary cavity of the distal fragment. On two X-rays below tip of the proximal fragment is marked with an yellow arrow and the medullary canal with white one. Hopefully docking will happen in next few weeks whilst lengthening will continue with the speed of 1mm/day.

Currently all pin sites are dry, no discharge, frame feels stable but weight bearing is a bit painful.

Ap view of the tibial with fine wire frame for limb reconstruction.

Lateral view of the tibial with fine wire frame for limb reconstruction.

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