Limb Reconstructive Surgery in Cambridge & London

Mr Matija Krkovic is one the UK's leading Orthopaedic & Trauma surgeons, and is based in Cambridge (UK). He specialises in treating patients who need knee replacement surgery.
Mr Matija Krkovic is one the UK's leading Orthopaedic & Trauma surgeons, and is based in Cambridge (UK). He specialises in treating patients who need non-union surgery.

Private Limb Reconstructive Surgery, Cambridge

What is limb reconstruction surgery?

Limb reconstruction is a complex process of restoring the limb to as close as possible to its original state prior to an injury. It’s an innovative procedure that can offer solutions for injuries, infections, and tumours that affect both the bone and soft tissue. Available at our private clinics in Cambridge and London, our experienced and highly qualified consultant surgeon and his team will provide all patients with tailored treatments that take into account all factors, and natures of injury. With a private practice, waiting times for treatment are reduced, and each patient will be given all the time needed to ensure a positive outcome. The long-term treatment plan will require patients to undergo multiple surgeries, and work extensively with physiotherapy and occupational therapy as recovery progresses.

Private Limb reconstruction encompasses all procedures required to restore the function of an affected limb to as close to the pre-injury state as possible. Limb reconstruction is a complex and difficult process, and will take in to account numerous factors including:

  • Physiological factors - e.g. age, weight, comorbidities, physical fitness
  • Nature of the injury - e.g. high speed road traffic accidents, falls from height, occupation related injuries, projectile injuries
  • Pathological factors - e.g. bone and soft tissue infections

Who is involved in limb reconstruction surgery?

Whilst in hospital, there is a team of medical professionals in London and Cambridge who will be involved in your care, from the nurses who help you recover, to the skilled private surgeons who work on your affected limb, and the therapists who guide you through rehabilitation processes. These are different health professionals, who will be responsible for different aspects of your private surgical care and make up the ‘Multidisciplinary team (MDT)’, all of whom are committed to excellence and quality of care in everything they do. This medical team includes:

  • Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon
  • Plastic Surgeon
  • Vascular surgeon
  • Anaesthetist
  • Infectious Diseases Physician
  • Microbiologist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Specialist Frame Nurse
  • Theatre Staff

What does the limb reconstruction team do?

After the initial management of a compound fracture is complete, the limb reconstruction team at our private clinic will begin the slow process of restoring your injured limb. This happens in multiple stages, and requires full co-operation from each patient to get the desired results.

The limb reconstruction team must work together to provide:

  • Tissue cover (this is in the domain of plastic surgeons and they can do it using "soft tissue reconstruction ladder")
  • Reconstruction of bone and healing of all relevant fractures (this step also includes treatment of infection, non-union, bone defects).

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